segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2011

The Jet Black Berries - LOVE UNDER WILL

Maravilhosa sonzêra, direto da trilha do "crássico" Return of the Living Dead (1985).

Yes I have my will
No fatal trespasses for me
The tree still bears a fruit of gold
It's there for the taking
Oh I rant and rave
Until I have no sense of time
Image of the future's
Just an image in your mind
Love under will
Love under will

I don't try to set myself
At odds with my own creed
To live, to work, to dwell and love
Where and who I please
Shining like the stars
Ripe like the grapes upon the vine
I will make integrity
Complete with heart and mind
Love under will
Love under will

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